Scandinavian Home Decor From the 1700s - 1960s

The current trend in design and fashion is BLACK & GOLD.  We see it in Aerin Lauder’s newly launched brand, which is dripping with golden home decor.  Another brilliant designer, Kelly Wearstler, used this beautiful black and gold combination in a masterpiece home in Mercer Island, Washington. This decadent and eccentric home shows Wearstler’s modern interpretation of Art Deco. Image courtesy Elle Decor.


Here, in the entry hall, you can see the vintage light fixture set against the walls painted in Glidden’s Onyx Black.  Throughout the home, gold tones and gold-colored metals adorn the staircases, tables, cabinets, and doors.  A modern masterpiece, this home is just one of many instances where we see this glamorous color trend.

Scandia Décor is putting this trend to work with a distinctive Scandinavian twist: black and brass. Antique brass – and the copper it is made from – is a beautiful metal that offers warm gold tones; it is also one material that characterizes the classic Scandinavian decorative arts.  We created a mood board showcasing how mixing old classics with modern elements in this color trend can create a layered look that is both exquisite and eye catching.


By using brass and copper candlesticks, you can give any room a golden warmth; this warmth goes beyond color when lit candles create a peaceful and cozy area to relax.  Brass wall décor brings classic decorative art to your walls and frames the entire room beautifully. These small but elegant Scandinavian accents bring old pieces to new spaces. By bringing the bold, gold tones of brass into spaces with blacks and other muted tones, we find that we can create an aesthetic color balance and embrace the newest trend.

But is it really the newest trend?  Or simply a trend that has already stood the test of time and returned to grace our designs yet again? Blue Carreon of, a blog that I love, is a fashion editor and lifestyle journalist. He created a fantastic mood board capturing Ralph Lauren's Home Decor and Purple Label Fashion. Ralph Lauren is a master at capturing historial periods in fashion and home decor and bringing them back with a modern twist. Ralph Lauren captures the Art Deco period, a prominent time in history, with his black and gold tones which ooze with decadence and extravegance. Image courtesy of


Another great look is the image below which depicts a detailed striped rug with bold black stripes and gold decor. The gilded Gustavian chairs and table are positioned in a way where they highlight the majestic gold horse at the center of the room.  All the periods in history can always be mixed and brought to look modern and striking. Image courtesy of K Frances Pinterest.


Take for example, Fredriksborg Castle, which I visit with my family every summer when we travel to Denmark. This castle, completed in 1620, is the largest Renaissance palace in Scandinavia.  Situated upon three small islands near Hillerød, Denmark, the castle – or "slot" in Danish – is reached by a charming boat ride. Upon arrival, we marvel at the exquisite hallway; every inch is truly a masterpiece.  Moreover, it is adorned with … black and gold.


In the picture you can see the amazing intricacies of the gold ceiling and the detailed black granite inlayed floor.  These images are of the restored castle, as a disastrous fire in December of 1859 destroyed a great deal of the interior of the castle.

As you can see from this 1600's castle, Scandinavia has embraced warm gold tones in their designs for generations.  In fact, the copper and brass metals have a history closely intertwined with Scandinavia.  Sweden has been one of the world’s major sources of copper since the 10th century.  Their largest copper mine, near Falun, Sweden, operated for nearly one thousand years.  Their copper mines have long provided the raw material needed to create brass and to then, create beautiful brass pieces.

While this incredible copper mine was in full swing, Swedish design also made major strides towards taking its place amongst the great design cultures.  Gustav III, who reigned during the last part of the 18th century, was perhaps the greatest supporter of artistic development that Sweden has ever had.  He had traveled and been exposed to the great art of France and Italy, among others.  Gustav III took it upon himself to bring the best of this back to Sweden, encouraging the development of performing arts, literature, and, of course, decorative arts. The serendipitous meeting of Gustavian design and Sweden’s copper industry led to the elegant brass pieces Sweden is still famous for today.

Clearly, at least in Scandinavia, black and gold tones have driven some of the most spectacular designs for centuries.  It can also be seen in art deco inspired designs.  It can even be seen in the traditional damascene jewelry from Spain.  This wonderful combination of colors has always been a source of inspiration.  Now, it is inspiring us once again.  Put your own spin on it, marry the new with the old, and explore the golden warmth that Scandia Décor’s brass pieces have to offer.

Written by Yael Tenenbaum — September 28, 2012




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