Scandinavian Home Decor From the 1700s - 1960s is a Danish-American company that is comprised of second generation antique sellers and jewelry makers. We grew up surrounded by all things Scandinavian, which makes us appreciate the impressive array of timeless pieces that are created in this region of the world. We specialize in selling rare, one-of-a-kind home decor items created in Scandinavia from the 1700’s to the 1960's that include an eclectic mix of mid-century modern, Gustavian and classical pieces. We travel all over Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland to bring eye catching, handcrafted pieces to the United States. Our inventory ranges from stately, understated elegance to earthy, vivid color pieces. Yet they all have one thing in common: their true, uniquely Scandinavian soul.

From Scandinavia to You

Scandinavia is a land shrouded in mystery for much of the world. Far north, in a climate that some would consider inhospitable, it has always been a region of unique and extraordinary beauty. This land and its welcoming people have become the home to a long history of world-renowned creative and elegant, designs. Having embraced outside influences for generations, the Scandinavians have always been able to make them their own.

Scandinavia has some of the most aesthetically pleasing and creative design pieces in the world. Our e-commerce site was created with designers in mind. On a weekly basis we stage new inventory in stylized ways to inspire designers. We try to aid designers by grouping pieces that are from the same era and region in the manner homes are styled in Europe. For example, we take mid century pieces and pair them with old brass items from Norway and Finland, giving the brass items modern, vivid looks.

Incredible and Unique Color Palates

We use a significant amount of blues and yellows, which are the typical colors of the Nordic countries. Grey and bright blues with muted yellows create excellent backgrounds that offset the eye-catching antique pieces that we sell. On such a background, we may use table chandeliers with cobalt blue glass that have white marble bases and crystals that gracefully hang, then adorn the space with an 1800's Swedish chandelier and matching sconces.

We study design trends and color religiously in order to incorporate our inventory in most of today’s interior settings. We are on the pulse of the trends and styles of Europe, which dictates what we purchase.

From Gustavian to Modern

As inspiration takes hold, designers can explore our growing collection of versatile and unique pieces. Gustavian pieces from Sweden that have faded color tones are a great addition to any country home and could also work in a stately designer house. Our mid-century modern Danish lamps are glazed and would suit any setting that needs a pop of color, including ultra modern homes. The lamps are priced reasonably, so most people are able to bring a little old-world feel into any project.

We carry Royal Copenhagen porcelain figurines that are charming in any room. Our porcelain urns and vases are pieces that are perfect accents for any room.

Scandia Decor is a Featured Vendor on Vintage and Modern

We are pleased to announce that Scandia Decor is a featured new vendor on Vintage and Modern. Head over to our Vintage and Modern Store and shop our pieces. 

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