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Where can I buy SCANDIA DECOR
People ask me where can I buy SCANDIA DECOR my companies one of a kind Scandianavian 1800's-1960's wholesale home decor!
Please see below a list of web retailers who daily carry my home decor (follow the links).
We consign and sell to stores all around Los Angeles and Texas.
Scandia Decor

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Scandinavian design means sheepskin, bleached wood and a minimal color palette. We’ve rounded up 24 picks to give your home a Nordic touch.


As many of you know, I was born in Denmark, and my family always bought and sold antiques and made one of a kind jewelry pieces. With this website, I am continuing the family tradition.  We specialize in selling rare, one-of-a-kind home decor items created in Scandinavia from the 1700’s to the 1960's. 

Every month we get large numbers of new items that include an eclectic mix of retro, mid-century modern, Gustavian and classical pieces. We source our products from all over Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland to bring eye catching, handcrafted items to the United States.

Scandinavia has some of the most aesthetically pleasing and creative designs in the world, and we make it our mission to bring these unique finds to you at the best prices!






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